I feel like I’ve been on another planet for the past two months and although the travel and the adventures were wonderful, I am so, so happy to be home. Well, I’ve done my job. Wife 22 is officially launched and out there in the world and I am just starting to dip my toe into the waters of my new novel. This is my absolute favorite part of  being a writer. Starting from the beginning once again. Dreaming up the next journey. Where do I want my characters to spend the next two years? Perhaps someplace like this. The magical, incredible, soul-restoring Isle of Skye in Scotland. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a more breathtakingly beautiful part of the world. 

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What is the secret?

I felt like a bride yesterday. My wonderful agent, Elizabeth Sheinkman, sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to the celebrate the publication day of Wife 22. And I did my first reading at A Great Good Place for Books. There was a wonderful home-town crowd and over the course of the evening I asked people to tell me their secret to a long-lasting relationship or marriage. There were some amazing responses.  Thought I would share a few.

Truth and honesty.  Time apart.

Trust. You like how he/she smells. Enough money.

Patience, affection, forgiveness, humor–thinking the other is adorable.

Saying thanks and offering to fill up his coffee.

What is your secret to a long-lasting marriage?




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Cherries and summer and book launches . . . finally!

Cherries are here. It’s Memorial Day. Which means summer is here. Which means Wife 22’s launch day is TOMORROW!  I can’t believe I’ll be able to walk into a bookstore tomorrow and see it on the shelf. Lots of exciting things are happening. Wife 22 made the USA Today Hot Summer Books list. Tomorrow night is my first reading at my favorite bookstore in the world, A Great Good Place for Books at 7pm. If you’re interested in coming to a reading please check out the events page. A chapter from Wife 22 is Narrative Magazine’s Story of the Week.  And Wife 22 has already gone into a second printing. Thank you everybody who has pre-ordered the book. I go on book tour this coming Saturday and they’ll be lots more news coming soon.

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Lucky earrings and roller coasters . . .

Less than one week until Wife 22 is published in the U.S. and I’m wearing my lucky earrings all the time now, except for when I took this photo. It’s such a busy time at the moment. Working on lots of last minute articles and Q&A’s for blogs and newspapers. Also I’m getting ready for my book tour. What to wear besides my lucky earrings? Suggestions? I’m going to San Diego, Austin, New York, Chicago and Florida, and I’m doing local readings here in the Bay Area. Please visit the events page for details.  Lots of exciting press coming soon. Hint: Look for me in the July issue of O Magazine! I feel like I just buckled into the roller coaster car.  I’ve been through book launches many times. Why does it always feel like the first time?

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The Romantic Life of Alice B . . .

AKA Wife 22 hit the shelves in France last week.  Here’s the ad that ran in French Elle. I’m going to France in July. It’s the first time I’ve ever been and I’m so excited. I’ll have a chance to meet my French publishers and to do all the touristy things one does in Paris. The trip is part business and part pleasure. My husband and I will be celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary as well. Where better to celebrate than the city of light?

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